Teach Your Dog to Play Hide and Seek in Edmond

Teach Your Dog to Play Hide and Seek in Edmond

Most of us don't have a lot of time on our hands, but on the rare occasion when we do, it's nice to spend some quality time playing with our dogs at our pet-friendly apartments in Edmond. Teaching our beloved canine friends new tricks is especially gratifying; we get to practice our teaching and coaching skills, they learn a new way to please us, and … [Read more...]

5 Fall Things to Do at the Parkhurst Ranch in Edmond

5 Fall Things to Do at the Parkhurst Ranch in Edmond

There's something about fall events in Edmond. The air has a crispness to it, and the trees are beautiful as the leaves change colors and fall to the ground. Get out of your apartment at Villas at Stonebridge, and head to Parkhurst Ranch for wonderful fall fun. Spend the day at the Parkhurst Pumpkin Patch for a day filled with family-friendly … [Read more...]

Clear Your September for the Oklahoma State Fair

Source: Oklahoma State Fair

One of the biggest events of the year takes place this September. The OKC S tate Fair is from the 11 to the 21. It's ten days of music, games, rides, and plenty of fun. Bring friends and family to this amazing fair. Kids and adults will love all that is offered. There is something for everyone, so mark your calendar for the events you want to … [Read more...]

3 Tips to Clean Hardwood Floors

Source: MorgueFile

Apartments in Edmond with hardwood floors, like those found in our luxury community, are beautiful when they are well maintained. However, you may not be aware of the best way to keep your floors shiny. Make note of the following tips on how to clean those floors. Make it a habit to vacuum your hardwood floors every day. If you are running … [Read more...]

Get Season Tickets Now to the OSU Football Season

Get Season Tickets Now to the OSU Football Season

Are you a big OSU fan? Would your kids love to experience the excitement of watching the games live? Football in Oklahoma City can be great fun, and it is a perfect activity for the whole family. The football season will be here before you know it, so make sure to check out the Oklahoma State Cowboys schedule now. Home games will be played at Boone … [Read more...]

Sooners Football Season Kicks Off Aug. 30 in Oklahoma City

Sooners Football Season Kicks Off Aug. 30 in Oklahoma City

As the summer draws to a close, many parts of our daily routine change. We spend a little less time outdoors, we get ready for the coming winter, and we prepare ourselves for the excitement of the upcoming football season! When it comes to football in Oklahoma City, there are few things bigger than Sooners Football. The season starts on Saturday, … [Read more...]

3 Unique Vendors You’ll Find at Edmond Farmers Market

3 Unique Vendors You'll Find at Edmond Farmers Market

From their humble beginnings as roadside vegetable stands, farmers markets have grown into a nationwide craze as people flock to them for locally-grown produce and farm-fresh foods. Few, however, can rival Edmond Farmers Market for quality, freshness, and variety. Thanks to the Parks and Recreation Department, Edmond shoppers can enjoy items from … [Read more...]

Join Fellow Cyclists for these Summer Events in Edmond

Join Fellow Cyclists for these Summer Events in Edmond

There are plenty of summer events in Edmond where you can get out and get to know the city and surrounding areas a little better.  This summer is full of activities that will allow you to see a whole different side of Edmond! Get out and go cycling! Cycling allows you to cover a lot of ground in a shorter span of time than walking while also … [Read more...]

5K Races Near Edmond: The OKC Downtown Dash

5K Races Near Edmond The OKC Downtown Dash

If you're used to running long distances daily as part of your exercise routine or even if you simply enjoy a light jog now and then, a 5K race in Edmond is easy to find for a breath of fresh air. The Oklahoma City Downtown Dash on Saturday, August 9th, 2014 at 8 pm offers a scenic run (or jog) through the beautiful downtown area. The five kilometer … [Read more...]

Bricktown Reggae Fest Near Edmond: The Caribbean Comes to OKC

Bricktown Reggae Fest Near Edmond The Caribbean Comes to OKC

Are you a fan of reggae? Then there's a festival near Edmond that's perfect for you! Reggae Fest is coming to Bricktown, and it's sure to make you feel as though you're right in the Caribbean. The festival will take place August 2nd and 3rd in the Bricktown Entertainment district in Downtown Oklahoma City, at the corner of Sheridan and Oklahoma … [Read more...]

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Plant a Fall Garden on Your Case Patio or Balcony

Plant a Fall Garden on Your Case Patio or Balcony

Just because you live in one of our beautiful Case & Associates communities doesn't mean your green thumb has to go unused. Tap into the popularity of container gardening, and you might be surprised at how much gardening you can do. You can grow beautiful flowers, fragrant herbs, and even delicious vegetables in containers that fit on your patio … [Read more...]

5 Creative Costumes You Can Make for Halloween


Dressing up for Halloween can be fun and exciting, but the price of a costume quickly adds up. However, it doesn't have to cost a fortune to dress up this Halloween. Make note of the following money-saving tips when it comes to putting together a Halloween costume. It's very easy and inexpensive to put together a child's fairy costume. Purchase a … [Read more...]

Decorate with Fall Leaves in Your Case Apartment


Fall is quickly approaching, and perhaps you'd like to decorate your apartment to reflect the changing season. Fall leaves with their beautiful shades of red, gold, and orange can be perfect for fall apartment decorating. Make note of the following tips on how to utilize these leaves in your apartment home. When you use fall leaves … [Read more...]

Fall Activities for the Whole Family in Tulsa

Fall Activities for the Whole Family in Tulsa

Fall is a great time to head into our community and participate in some wonderful events. There are many activities that the whole family will enjoy. Check out some of the fall events in Tulsa, and get the whole family involved. Head out to Oktoberfest from October 16th until October 19th. It is a terrific event that has live music, carnival … [Read more...]

Late Night Ghost Stories at El Paso’s Magoffin Historic Site

Late Night Ghost Stories at El Paso's Magoffin Historic Site

Halloween is quickly approaching, and Halloween events in El Paso provide a terrific way to kick off the holiday. This year, Magoffin Home is bringing you the perfect spine-tingling event. Get ready for the much anticipated Ghost Stories by Moonlight. This Halloween event will take place on October 24th and October 25th from 7:30 pm to 10 pm. It will … [Read more...]